WEEK IN REVIEW – Life After “The Dress”

The Dress

Once upon a time, there was a dress someone took a picture of. It was white and gold but mainly ugly. Then suddenly, it was black and blue and everyone lost their shit.

Unless you’ve given up the Internet or human interaction for Lent, there is absolutely no way you missed this hotly debated topic. The question on everyone’s minds for a solid 24 hours was “is the dress white and gold or black and blue?!”

Answer: Who gives a fuck?

Internet Rules

Coincidentally, the same day as “The Dress that Rocked the World” debate was spurred, the FCC voted in favor of net neutrality. According to an article published on PCWorld.com, the FCC voted to “reclassify the internet as a broadband public utility.”  Great…what the fuck does that mean to me?

Essentially, telecom companies will be more regulated than ever before to avoid being able to charge you (the consumer) a higher fee for “better service.” Ultimately, it’s to avoid Internet discrimination against someone who can’t afford the same as the next person.

Sounds great, right? Kind of. The debate right now and the one you should be more knowledgeable about than an Illuminati dress is that of net neutrality. On one hand it protects us consumers from being “bullied” by larger corporations and still allows smaller businesses a chance against the big guys within the market. The flip side of the debate…there is now officially some regulation to the Internet. While it’s in our favor, it’s regulation and that my friend is why you should be interested or at the very least, aware of what the fuck is going on with it.

 Space Odysseys

One of the most famous space explorers of our time has passed away. Spock is dead.

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played the famous Spock character light years before Zachary Quinto landed the role, passed away from a lung disease this week.


Thanks to Spock we know that a Bowl Cut is never a good idea and how to have incredible hand-finger coordination. Also, when did Buzz Aldrin become a contributing writer for CNN.com?


Mars One

Speaking of space exploration, two finalists selected for the Mars One mission are students from the University of Central Florida which happens to be my Alma mater. Considering these fucks are currently pursuing their doctoral degrees, there is zero chance I know them. I’ll still tell people I went to school with Martians.

Honestly, if we’re sending this caliber of human beings to a new planet in hopes of colonization I’m excited for the future. The future of Earth, on the other hand, will likely look at lot like Idiocracy.

The qualifications to be selected are pretty cut throat if these two are any indication of the remaining finalists to be selected. From what I did gather though, they could likely just choose a few of the winners from Survivor seasons and they should be set.

mars info

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  1. I cannot believe how much pub adress is getting. I really hope that it gets shredded and we forget it forever.

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