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2015-01-24 05.08.06

 Bumfuzzle (v.) – to confuse, perplex or fluster

I’m an average Jane who is quite often confused and therefore flustered by life’s insufferable moments. Being a student most of my life, you would think someone would have prepped me for the world outside of a classroom to alleviate some of that stress.


What I have known my entire life is my passion to communicate, entertain and express through writing. While balancing a full-time corporate finance job, I come here to get out all my creative juice I’m storing from 9-5.

This blog is here for entertainment, information, discussion, laughter and differing opinions but those you have to keep to yourself. Only kidding! Unless you’re going to be rude then I’m dead effing serious. Please enjoy every bit of it and come back as often as you like and by that please come back daily.

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