10 Things I Would Do During Snowmaggedon

Maybe I’m being punished for living in the embarrassing state of Florida, but we never get state-wide days off. No government shut downs, no snow storms, just the Casey Anthony trial.
I’ve lived here for nearly 9 years and none of the hurricanes that have passed through have been monumental enough to stay home. Although I don’t wish for my house to be flooded and completely destroyed, I’m just saying it would be nice for a mid-week day off to wake up to.

When I lived in Nebraska, all I can remember is the thrill of waking up to find school had been cancelled. At the very least, if the roads were too icy we would have a late start. One year the storms were so bad, we used up all of our snow days and the school year had to be extended by 1 week to make it up.
I guess that’s no longer an option when…YOU WORK EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! Seriously, who decided that adults can handle just constantly working? I need their address and some stationary.

It’s now Wednesday and despite the news telling everyone to stay put if you see a flurry, the storm was a little over-hyped. I mean, we gave it a hash tag people.


A bust or not, bazillions of people had some time off from work and school. That left the rest of the U.S. or at least places that never experience such an event, annoyed. What could everyone really be complaining about? Do they even know how lucky they are with all that free time?! Naturally, I compiled a list of things I would be more than happy to do in a snow storm.
I tried to be realistic because we all know cleaning or being responsible was not going to make it on this list.

Snow Day Top 10

  1. Sleep in. This is a given but it’s very important because despite having found out work was cancelled, I would march straight back up to my bed and fall blissfully back to sleep.
  2. Bake. I really don’t like to bake because of how much time it takes and how particular you have to be. On a week night I’m usually too impatient to do it right then I end up with disgusting baked goods. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure nearly everyone has enough baked goods in the house at any given time to whip up something decent.
  3. Laundry. This is realistic because I’m not actually doing anything. Not to mention, our clothes pile tends to look a little post-apocalyptic by the end of the week.
  4. BLOG! I would blog so hard my fingers would bleed. All day I think of 10 million blog-related things I would rather be doing.
  5. Read. I don’t even read books that much but it’s a 2015 goal of mine to read 5 books. I figure it’s 1 a quarter plus an extra one to make it a somewhat challenging goal.
  6. Nap with Husband face. I don’t feel like this one needs an explanation… It’s cold out, you’r stranded in your house, you don’t have to be at work and it’s likely you don’t have to return tomorrow. Call me crazy but all signs are pointing toward a nap. Plus napping with your significant other is the greatest thing ever.
  7. Catch up on Real Housewives. This means keep Bravo or the E! Network on for several hours and soak in all the reality TV goodness.
  8. Netflix. Just watch it all. Anything and I’ll watch it. But most probably keep watching Friends.
  9. Social media. A solid 3 hours would be devoted to Twittering, Facebook stalking and Instagramming. Hi, I’m Sarah and my hobbies include working out, watching TV and movies, blogging and double-tapping, liking and favoriting.
  10. Catch up on at least 1-2 award season movies. Legally, of course.

What about you? Are you from the Northeast and have crossed off most of my list? Are you from the Sunshine state and dare to dream of making your own?


One thought on “10 Things I Would Do During Snowmaggedon”

  1. Been there done that! Actually it was not as enjoyable since it meant you had three kids at home wanting nothing more then to be out and about. I remember one time my oldest, sweetest child was passed at me for not letting her go drive around during an ice storm. Ahh kids gotta love them because you sure as hell can’t shot them.

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