15 Ways to Tell If You’re a Millenial

For the longest time, I had no clue I was a millenial. Even when I found out, I thought for certain this must be a mistake. I’ve used a rotatory phone. I’ve experienced life before the internet, the Berlin Wall was still up when I was born! With those things considered, how the hell can I be compared to the generation everyone loves to hate?

Thanks to the Internet and Lemonly for their awesome infographics, I’ve solved the mystery.

Millennial Statistics Info Graphic - Infographic Design by Lemonly Learn more about this Millennial Statisticss Infographic and Infographic Design from Lemonly.

From this I’ve gathered that you can tell if you’re a Millenial if:
  1. You say “Yolo” at least once a day
  2. You speak in acronyms the remainder of the day
  3. You’ve purchased a portion of land on the farm where Bonnaroo is hosted
  4. You own a crop top
  5. You live in your parents’ house
  6. Your savings account is called a checking account and it’s emptied rather often
  7. You would rather spend money on experiences than open this “savings account” your elders speak of
  8. You think marriage or monogamy isn’t natural for homo-sapiens
  9. You would rather chase your dreams of being happy than squirt out some children
  10. If you do dapple in saving your money, you’re saving for a life changing event like a trek through the Outback
  11. You plan on leaving your current job within 1-3 years for another adventure
  12. You plan on starting your own business so you never miss a 10 a.m. Shavasana
  13. You keep your Facebook account only to keep in touch with your family
  14. You can operate any piece of technology handed to you
  15. You give a hard eye roll when someone calls you millenial

A lot of the reason I didn’t include myself in the generational label is because I’m not exactly like that list. I got married a few months before I graduated college, I’ve never been to a music festival and I hold an iPad like a dirty diaper.

From that, I’ve learned there are variations of the millenial generation. Because it includes such a vast age range of individuals expanding over 2 decades, there is likely to be some differentiation. But the common characteristics the 30 year old and the 20 year old share are closer than those we would share with the Baby Boomers or Generation Y.

At the end of the day, the generation you associate with is only as useful as your star sign. No one really cares what you are but when you tell them, they absolutely judge you a little bit.

2 thoughts on “15 Ways to Tell If You’re a Millenial”

  1. Nope I don’t own a crop top, so I guess I’m not. But my age has helped me figure that out too. Experiences, even though I would want, I choose to have a house and a car and a family, so I guess I don’t fit in.

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