35 Things Millenials Are Always Thinking (As Told By Kim Kardashian)

The mind of a millenial is a dangerous place to venture. Thoughts of trying to acclimate to this “adult life” are swirling around among doubt of doing it correctly. Despite being outside the generational window, I really can’t think of a better representation of my generation than Kim Kardashian via Gifs.

  1. Seriously, what the fuck is a deductible?


  2. Why does work start at 9? Better yet why is it required I stay here until 5?

  3. Is this outfit too slutty for work?


  4. What does business professional mean in terms of Forever 21?

  5. Is the government taking the right amount of taxes from my paycheck? Can I submit a dispute for that?

  6. Woop, woop! Pay Day bitches!

    giphy (6)

  7. Fuck…bills took my money.

  8. Should I buy a $20 bottle of wine tonight?

  9. If I don’t buy the $20 bottle of wine and opt for the $6 special, will it be as good?

  10. Fuck it, I just want a buzz.


  11. Am I an alcoholic?

  12. Do I say fuck too much?

  13. People on Mad Men drink at work so there is no way I’m an alcoholic.

  14. But I really could got for a 2pm margarita in my cube

  15. Do I need to ask for a raise or will they just give it to me?

  16. My jeans are getting tight. Is this what 25 feels like?


  17. Maybe I’ll go vegan.

  18. Wine better be vegan or I’m out.

  19. Why isn’t there constant WiFi yet?

  20. What does WiFi even stand for?

  21. Welcome Internet Friends….Internet.

  22. I think I should start a blog.


  23. How do I quit my job and be Jenna Marbles?

  24. Maybe I should start getting into art.

  25. Whoa, that shit’s way too expensive.

  26. Maybe my blog will be about how expensive art is.

  27. I’m too exhausted for a hobby.


  28. Am I boring since I graduated?


  29. I was so much fun in college.

  30. Really hoping all those “fun in college” pictures don’t resurface, though

    giphy (7)

  31. I wonder if my parents will let me move back home.

  32. If I stay with them for awhile I can save money and travel the world.

  33. Maybe I an write the Travel Channel and get my own show.

  34. Why is airfare so expensive?!

  35. I have the worst life ever.

giphy (8)

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