Is it Still the Millennium?

Does anyone else still think the millennium was last year? Looking at the calendar knowing I’ll be fucking up the date for the next month, I can’t believe it’s 20-fucking-15.

I’m not one for resolutions anymore so I won’t be boring you with them. I have a few goals I’ve jotted down for myself but I’m not sharing those with you either. Mainly because I’m insanely superstitious when it comes to sharing shit too soon and then it not happening. I’ll just end up resenting all of you and  deleting all my content again, but on purpose.

I just realized number 5 says “wife.” No this is not my attempt to come out of the closet as a “new year new me” gimmick.

The coming of a new year is always great because it forces you to reflect on your life. Most other days you can easily slide into denial and think your life is fine. Then it’s 2015 and you’ve lost all your hair and live in your car. Just sayin’ sometimes people need a clear cut time to get their fucking shit together.

Personally, I am not one of them but I do enjoy reflection. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of it as I’ve just gotten past my mid-midlife crisis. I’ve been married for going on 4 years, I have a great job and I really enjoy, my car will be paid off right when my student loans will start raping my paycheck and I finally like the color of my hair. Seriously, who’s the genius that came up with grown out roots ombre being a thing?

But like any good millenial, that’s just not enough. Unlike immigrants who founded our country, I don’t want to work in the same pizzeria for 59 years.

I love my life and it’s only going forward but I’m pretty fucking pumped for this year, specifically. I have extremely high hopes, aspirations and motivation for my blog. Without continued details, I’ll leave it there. I also wanted to have a time-stamped post of this day for when…

2 thoughts on “Is it Still the Millennium?”

  1. MOTHER! Surely you can ask to volunteer down at the newborn unit at Florida Hospital and swaddle some kiddos. There will be no pumping in this house, at least not pregnancy pumping.

  2. Nice blog my little over achiever! I hope this will be as great of a year as you hope for. Maybe its time to get busy and pump out my first grandchild. That would be a memorable year don’t yah think sweets?

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