Taking off, On a Tuesday

I officially have the answers to life’s problems. Take a personal day on a normally unpopular work day. While I might not spit rhymes like the sensitive rap star, Drake and I both understand the value of a Tuesday.



In the past, I never really utilized a personal day. I was either out on vacation, left early for a doctor’s appointment or was dying a slow death thanks to that year’s flu strain.

Taking a personal day to run some errands and unwind is a foreign concept to me that I am currently enjoying…from my couch.

As I inch closer to 30 (haha only kidding…I’m 27), I’ve found I have less time on the weekends to do responsible things. Why? Because I’m penciling relaxation into my planner in lieu of laundry, socializing and sometimes, showering.

Weekends used to mean the sweet freedom of rummaging a vintage clothing store Goodwill and getting my drink on. Is it just me or did chores not exist during college?

Settled down quite a bit and arguably more sober, weekends now have a different meaning. Catching up with friends and family, spending half of my Saturday at the salon, planning on exercising, actually exercising, sleeping and napping, washing everything I get dirty, washing everything else my husband gets dirty and the list goes on.


If you’re lucky enough to have a job that offers personal days, use them. I don’t mean take a long weekend and spend the first of it hungover from Thursday happy hour. I mean really treat yourself to a day that is 100% yours and make the absolute most of it.

Tricks To Having The Best Day Off, Ever

  1. Make sure you take off in the middle of the week – this would mean a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The less other people are off the more relaxing it will feel.
  2. Make sure you’re 100% or mostly healthy – don’t use this as a day to fight off a cold or writhe in your bed from period pain.
  3.  Make sure you do some shit, but don’t overbook – the thought of a day off can easily be filled with an hour-by-hour synopsis of everything you’ve ever wanted to do in your whole life. Plan some errands you have been putting off but don’t let it dominate more than 2-3 hours of your day.
  4. Make sure you wake up early – unless you’re about to vomit from insomnia, don’t sleep in excessively. You only get the one day and it will be over before you can say…

It’s 2p.m. and I’ve accomplished more today than most weekends. I also managed to eat an entire chocolate bar which might have been a mistake but it’s my day.

Although it’s nearly over, I’m already fantasizing about my next zen day. Maybe I’ll actually make it to my yoga class…or maybe I’ll just eat some chocolate.

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