The Catastrophe

It was a day like any other. I logged into my Gmail account and ignored 95% of my emails and their erroneous claims:

“Pfft. It’s not worrisome that my web hosting is about to expire. Oh shit but my Groupons are!”

As weeks went by I continued to ignore incoming mail and began wondering why the fuck I even have an email address. After repeated warnings, I realized it was time to pay for baby blog’s tuition.

But it was too late.

Saturday, December 13th is a day that will go down in the books as one of the worst ever. It was the day I lost all of my blog content. I’ve managed this blog for 4 years and have created endless blog posts ranging in hilarity and topic. Being asked the exact same question as Carrie Bradshaw was, my response was similar as I realized the gravity of what that actually meant.

It didn’t sink in until about an hour later when the nervous laughter had worn off.


But there’s always a silver lining.


As a reader I felt a thorough explanation of why more posts are not available to you despite my 4-year reign, was necessary. I have since backed up all of my posts and am still in search of the worm hole where my old posts now lie.

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