10 Struggles of Having a Big Butt

For some reason, 2014 was the year of butts.  Seemingly out of nowhere, everyone was either growing a butt, twerking a butt or making it do things. We could all say thank you to Jlo for putting them on the map but they didn’t quite catch on until the Iggy Azeleas, Nicki Minajs and Kardashians came to … Continue reading 10 Struggles of Having a Big Butt

Why I Stopped Weighing Myself And Being Just a Number

On the cusp of yet another year, talk of “detoxing” and “getting on track” replace all the cookies and pie you spent all of December eating. Maybe last year you got passed over by the Biggest Loser and really need a life change or maybe you had too much brie around the holidays. Either scenario you fall … Continue reading Why I Stopped Weighing Myself And Being Just a Number

My Manicurist [Verbally] Attacked Me

There’s nothing like a perfect stranger directly insulting you. I’m running through life experiences in my head that might compare but I come up with nothing. Despite nothing else comparable, it’s the unmistakable feeling most of us are familiar with: when someone who means nothing to you and knows nothing about you decides something about you is so offensive … Continue reading My Manicurist [Verbally] Attacked Me

Period Paranoia

Few things in life are more terrifying than when you think your period is visible to the naked eye. A completely separate fear can be experienced when that actually happens but today’s post is reserved for the incessant paranoia that happens every time your period arrives. I apologize in advance for the descriptive nature of … Continue reading Period Paranoia