Baked Shrimp and Lost Dogs

Today was exhausting. Long story short, on Sunday my sister’s dog got off of her leash, was hit by a car that obviously startled her to the point of bolting into the nearby woods. She’s been gone ever since.

One hour, no dog. Five hours, no dog. Next day, no dog. Three animal shelters, no dog. Aside from the physcial aspects in searching for her, the sadness has actually drained even more energy from us. Normally my posts aren’t so downy but this is what is happening in my life and I promise healthy food and fitness are still incorporated.

Today I woke up a littler earlier than usual and headed back to the woods she was last seen. Aside from 3 stray cats I almost snatched up, no Roxy.

Over my lunch break, I headed back to the local animal shelter and adoption center but sadly, she was nowhere to be found. Instead, I had to brace for the devasting looks of despair and hopelessness from all the other homeless animals. How do pets have such a profound affect on us?! Finally, Husband face called and both him and my dad spotted her running out of the woods we lost her in. Either out of fear or confusion, Roxy darted back into the foliage and after 6 hours of searching no dice. You’re probably thinking “how is that possible after that many hours?” or “if I were there I would find her in a second.” Couple things.

  • Roxy is very skiddish to begin with
  • Roxy was hit by a car and may be delirious
  • Roxy has not eaten in 2 days (that we know of)
  • These woods are fucking thick.

The area she is hiding out in is right near a road, a golf course, a school and neighborhoods. With her personality and these surroundings, she’s literally being forced to seek shelter and safety in what we believe would be the center of the trees. Problem? Humans can’t walk through because it’s so thick. Even when we muster through the brush, the area is approximately 1/4 mile wide by 1/2 mile in length. Thankfully we’re looking for a dog and not a cat.

Despite feeling relieved that she is still in good health, from what we could tell when she flashed by, it’s still frustrating to know that after our efforts she’s still not home. The search will continue tomorrow and hopefully we will have better luck.

After scouring myself in a hot shower (this bitch don’t need no ticks), I felt guilty that I let myself skip the gym. I worked out hard last weekend and was starting week 6 of my plan today. The more I thought about it and the more I pinched at my jiggly puff, the more I realized how ridiculous that is.


Aside from aforementioned events, I have been working extremely hard to stick to my workouts and eating plan. I tend to give up or not complete things…quite a bit actually. Not major things (i.e. I did get my Bachelor’s and run a halfer) but over time I stop doing this “cool, new, rad thing,” and move on to the next. Today was the day I toyed with the idea that maybe I’ll just go back to my regular gym routine.

I got some great feedback from others doing the same workout who reminded me to stick with it and the results will come. I mean really, Sarah. You’re only half-way through and your expecting full results? Don’t I scream at clients who are 6 months into their 12-month program wanting it to be over?
I also reassured myself by remembering that my meals were perfectly clean and sufficient. Sometimes where you lack in one area of your day, you’re able to make up in another.

Lastly, I make it to the gym between 4-6 days a week depending on my plans. I bust my ass all other days so when an event like today goes down, and my precious neice needs me, I won’t explode. Another thing that always makes me feel better is when I’m still sore from the last workout. Not to mention, I walked and Hunger Gamed my ass through creepy woods for about 2 hours. Although the odds were not in my favor, I feel some calories were singed.

Dinner is the scariest meal of my day. It’s the meal that is planned but I share with a man. All other meals in my day are mine alone. I control them, I eat them, I enjoy them. Dinner is the part of my day when I have to appease other tastebuds than my own and can easily do a little cheaty wheaty. Most days I succeed in making the same dish in different ways (no carbs for me, carbs out the yin yang for H-face). Today was one of those successes. I found this killer recipe on It’s extremely easy to make and packs some italian flavor without that lardy alfredo shit. I served Husband-faces over cheese tortellini with a side salad and put some shrimp in a bowl  next to a side salad for me.  2 mouths = satisfied. I may have stolen that tagline from Jenna Jameson’s site.



In conclusion, I had a healthy food day, I squeezed in a 2-hour walk, I’m seeing small results on my bod and I WILL FINISH THIS FUCKING THING!

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Never Enough Time

I am in such a rush these days but am the least busy I’ve ever been. A year ago I was juggling wedding plans, a full-time class schedule, working 30 hours a week and interning in between. Somehow I managed and I’ll still never know how. These days I go to work and come home. Because I’m not in school (at the moment) and and am taking my time to figure out my future, I’ve been filling my after work hours with things I never thought would keep me beyond busy.

The gargantuan dam I’m building is this blog and am in the midst of getting it switched over to my new site! Making sure I keep my peeps laughing on a daily basis is nearly impossible. I’m also writing monthly articles at Breaking and trying to write as often as I can for Aside from that I’m hitting the gym, keeping the house in tact after Husband Face tornados through, keeping our dinner options fun and inventive and anything else I can squeeze in.

So basically, by nature I choose to be busy. Even at the slowest part of my life, I have still managed to flood my schedule. Anyhow, this was really just intended to tell you that I don’t have time to post tonight but will tomorrow!

By tonight I will be staying up well past my bedtime to experience the world premiere of Hunger Games. Yes, that’s me.

I would also like to share with you that when I Googled “Hunger Games funny” this came up;

Maybe that’s how the movie ends…

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Housewife Hunk: Liam Hemsworth

It’s only appropriate that I incoporate what is sure to be the most epic film of the year, into this week’s Housewife Hunk post. No, Lenny Kravitz didn’t make the cut and as close as I was to writing about my adoration for Stanley Tucci, no dice.

This week I am tickled to swoon over Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth.

Nope, no coincidence. He’s realted to the arguably, equally as hot, Chris Hemsworth. I wonder whose hammer is heavier…

This mystifying creature is more popularly known as trash-can Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend. Those choreography moves must pay off in the bedroom because something doesn’t add up.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Austrailia, Liam was born into a family of megastars. If you haven’t already figured out who his brother is, he played Thor. His other brother, Luke Hemsworth, hasn’t had such gargantuan cinema success as his brothers, but is an active television star. Basically, it’s like the Gyllenhaals’ prettier cousins from the city.

It was only recently that Liam made the voyage to America where he stayed with Chris until he got on his feet. Before his voyage, Liam did take on a few television roles down under where he established himself in a significant Austrailian soap opera that his brother Luke also had a part in.

Fast-forward back to his trek to the States and Liam landed a role in The Expendables. Don’t remember that baby face? That’s becuase his character ended up getting written out of the film. Literally, like 45 seconds after, Liam was contacted to try out for the leading role in Thor. Don’t remember him in that one either? That’s because he lost the role to his older, sex-kin, Chris.
Finally, Liam was offered a role and got it. He played the love interest of Miley Cyrus in a Nicholas Sparks’s inspired novel The Last Song. Should have tried harder for that Thor role buddy…you know there’s no cure for herps, right? I’m actually not sure what I have against Ms. Cyrus and am actually becoming aware of it in this moment.

He must have done something right when falling for Miley, because he has since been given the roles in upcoming films like Arabian Nights, Northern Lights and Expendables 2. Guess there was some regret floating around in someone’s whiskey glass after the wrote him out of the first film.

The kid is nearly pre-pubescent so his career isn’t too huge to report on, yet. That may change, however, come Friday, March 23rd at 12:01a.m when the premiere of Hunger Games will hit theaters. Liam plays the leading lady’s bestie and that’s all I know. I’m still about 1/2 way through the book so lucky for you, no spoiler alerts.
With the hype that’s been created, I’m pretty sure that this will take Liam lightyears ahead of Chris. But knowing their history, Luke will probably hop off the boat, become a director and destroy both of their careers.

Conclusion: He’s a young cub on the Hollywood rise to being on TMZ more than Conrad Murray. Overall rating: 6.8 (I like Chris better and you’re an infantile compared to my 24 years).

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