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At the end of the day, we are affirmation-seeking peeps who just want to be cuddled and told how wonderful we are. With the technological advancements in social media, we are now able to gain this need from our friends, family and complete stalker creeps adoring strangers.
When Facebook first started, posting pictures of you and your friends taking shots was completely acceptable. Over time, however; we started posting pictures of ourselves “taking solo shots in the hizzy before the biffles gets here #whitegirldrank.”


These selfies now include super ripped pictures of the insanely active individuals of the world.

“I can count my abs on two hands now! #selfie #nofilter #rippedsonofabitch”

“Hittin’ the gym for the 2nd time today. Dedication = smokin’ bod #selfie #nofilter #protein”

While I love salivating over a good progress picture for inordinate amounts of time, is it considered “faux pas” to showcase yourself to the world? If the ones who had a 4-pack last week and a 6-pack today can do it, can’t the rest of us post a cellulite/no cellulite pic from time to time?

The answer is YES! But under these conditions…

1. You may post a progress photo if their is visible progress. This would exclude pictures of your new lulu lemons, new shoes, pouty face with a new headband or anything else that has zero to do with your actual body.

2. You may post unrelated pictures occasionally. I get it. You dropped $80 on some new gear and want to show it off. That’s perfectly fine but please don’t exploit your name brand ways. It makes the rest of us feel like shit and only talk shit that you don’t actually work out because you’re busy taking photos. You get some freebies but use them sparingly.

3. You may post a before and after photo is your before is you looking terrible and your after is you in gym clothes. We don’t need to see you looking 5lbs heavier on the left and out at “duh club” looking trim but drunk, on the right. The point is to show your dedication to your body, not to the nightlife.


4. You may post a progress photo if you’re doing something a-typical. Proud that you can sit in the Crow position for 7 minutes and enjoy a tea? Snap a photo and Instagram that shit! Even if your body hasn’t changed on the outside, yet, show us what you’ve conditioned yourself to do 20 manly push-ups! I currently “like” I See Fit People on Facebook and one of the 3 people who run that page does 50+ burpees all the time and every time I see the update, I’m filled with rage motivated to hit the gym.

 The whole point of posting progress pictures is that you feel so confident in yourself you don’t care who sees it and of course await the compliments you believe you deserve. As with anything though, keep it in moderation or there will absolutely be an “I Hate Fit People” page started in your honor.


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  1. Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking about some folks posting pictures of themselves frequently! This post needs to go in the “Picture Posting Etiquette” handbook.

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