Should you Gym with a Clique?

I would say about 95% of the time, I work out completely alone. No friends, no family, and sometimes no music thanks to my week-late replacement batter from Amazon.
My gym schedule is made purely from the information I research online and decide that is what I need to be doing. Sometimes I see changes, other times I don’t. Every now and then I roll with a posse to the gym but mostly, it’s just

I prefer it this way. I’m not a loner by any means but I am perfectly comfortable doing things by myself. The gym and shopping are actually the two activities I prefer to fly solo.
But am I as productive as I would be going with a friend or multiple friends?

Probably not but sort of.

Why Rolling with a Clique is Better

  • you are either the best in shape or the worst –  going with someone else either makes you feel even better about your physical condition or shows you what you might not otherwise have known. going with someone who is your superior, may motivate you to get to work.
  • you share info –  maybe she knows a move that you never even thought to do. maybe you show her how to tighten her ass. either way, both of you will give each other what you were missing in venturing alone.
  • you have confidence – no one acts the same alone as they do in a group. you’re comfortable and more outgoing which could be an asset in a gym setting. it may give you the support you need to try new moves or classes since you know you won’t be alone.

girls working out

  • you get appreciated but unexpected compliments – good friends compliment each other. the only compliment you get when you’re alone is from the creeptastic weirdo listening to Cat Stevens near the free weights. taking a friend will increase the odds of her telling you what an awesome stomach you have not t0 mention, you can give her a little boost too.
  • you become accountable – if you back out now, you’re letting your friend down. it gives you the extra motivation you need to get moving that you may have talked yourself out of in a solo venture.

Why Being the Lone Ranger is Better

  • you don’t waste time – let’s be real. you will spend the time you need to at the gym if you go alone. you will spend an extra 30 -45 minutes at said gym going with someone else. for girls, it’s an opportunity to catch up, gossip and hang out. all of which cannot be done in an hour’s time.
  • you get distracted – forgot the number of reps you were on? so did she and now you’re suddenly done. being alone allows you to focus on you and get in your zone.
  • you share the workout – when you hit the gym with someone else, there tends to be a lot of idle time watching her do lunges. unless you can get your butt moving at the same time, you’ll lead yourself to numero uno: wasting time.
  • you hold back – if you’re in better shape than your partner you may hold back on getting the workout that you need and do a little less. that won’t kill you but doing it too often will make you less likely to go with them in the future and less likely to make progress.
  • you hurt yourself – let’s turn the tables and say you’re the one in less shape than she. if you pretend you can do what you know you can’t just to keep up with six-pack Sally,  you may actually hurt yourself.


Weighing the options, it’s all a matter of preference. I don’t think one overrules the other because I think you need to learn how to do both to get the most out of working out. Both offer something the other doesn’t and incorporating them into your gym schedule may be the boost you need.

If however; you’ve gotten more cardio in during a shopping trip then it may be time to ditch the bitch.

2 thoughts on “Should you Gym with a Clique?

  1. I like the benefits of working out alone more beneficial than going out with friends or a group. And yes I always venture out alone for the gym. Biggest advantage that I get is, as you mentioned correctly, I end up saving a lot of time. I see quite a few people, who come in groups, and lots of their time is wasted on wasteful banter and chats.

    In-fact after some time into a gym, I end up cultivating polite acquaintance with quite a few members, seeing them working out serves as quite an inspiration, I often compliment them and they also compliment me.

    So it is more beneficial being a lone ranger, according to me.

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