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I think I have spent more time worrying if I am getting sick than actually being sick.


I absolutely was not playing sick but I never actually got sick. I started feeling “weird” on Thursday and it didn’t go away come Friday at which point I thought I was definitely going down. All day I went in and out of feeling sniffley and sneezy then felt fine a few hours later. I usually eat just as much when I’m sick as I do when I’m well so that’s never any indication. However; I wasn’t feeling hungry on Friday which was a bit concerning and somewhat new to me.

I stayed at work all day because I needed a distraction. When I’m coming down with something I usually succumb to it and let it take over my body and my brain. Being that next week is an off week from school and the weekend is a girls beach trip, I don’t really have time to get sick. I started downing Emergen-Cs like they were spiked with tequila and hoped for the best. I stayed positive and when people asked me how I was doing I replied the same way all day “meh, but we’ll see!”

When I got home from work I relaxed, still made dinner and tried to carry out my wifely duties as usual. Because Husband-face was confident I would be germ-ridden by Saturday morning, he started offering to do EVERYTHING. He offered to change the sheets, he got our Saturday lunch, he let me choose the Saturday afternoon movie. Even though I wasn’t that sick and actually started feeling much better by late afternoon, I kind of let it happen.
My thing is if I handle 90% of the household duties 90% of the time, then I deserve to take advantage of him offering to change that.

As much as I didn’t want to skip the gym I did on Friday and Saturday because I still wasn’t sure what the fuck I had going on. Once I knew I was perfectly fine and had beat the shit out of those Mucinex-looking germoids, I was ready to get back on the proverbial saddle.

mucinexIt’s Sunday and I feel like a million bucks! I’ll be at the gym today, finishing homework to start a week without any and celebrating the Superbowl at my parent’s house. I’m cheering for the Ravens because my sister goes to school with Ray Lewis’s son. Go RAVENS!

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