TRX Annihlated Me

I found out today why Navy Seals are badass motherfuckers. I took a TRX class yesterday morning and aside from reaffirming my inability to sprout arm muscles, I was sweating beyond the point of socially acceptable.

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Sister face and I bought online coupons for 30 days, unlimited classes at a local, legit boxing gym. There’s a boxing ring, punching bags and Ali posters everywhere. Being in the building makes me want to run down the street in a gray sweat suit with my hands in the air. But this is Florida and it’s too hot for that shit.

Before I took the class I didn’t know much about TRX except that it had something to do with rope-ish type bands that make you hate life. Forty-five minutes later my arms were shaking and I was dangling by my ankles.
The ropes themselves don’t do anything, duh, but it’s what they allow you to do that make them one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. By tilting and twisting in different variations suggested by the instructor, the ropes allow you to use your body weight to get a workout that’s tailored to your ability.
Reading more about TRX, I discovered it has been used to train Navy Seals and athletes. Their site further explains how the body is all connected and even something as simple as picking a pen off the floor can’t be done with just your hand. Deep, way deep. TRX is designed to engage multiple if not every muscle during the routines.

Because you’re exerting so much energy to levitate while you do a plank and a leg lift, sweat is literally pouring from your body. I used to be the girl that would lightly sweat and now I’m the girl who needs to bring a change of clothes. The second my body thinks I’m might workout, it starts sweating. My body if very Pavlovian which is a nightmare when I’m going up the stairs to bed.


Thankfully, I’m married and don’t require male attention at the gym. The sweat tends to scare them away which works out to my advantage. Overall, TRX is a superb workout that will be repeated next Saturday.

4 thoughts on “TRX Annihlated Me

  1. Well I am glad, you liked TRX. For me initial days were hell, I used to collapse after 15 minutes. My instructor had to force me through the rest of the session.

    It took me a month to get used to it. But now working out is such a delight, I enjoy every moment of it. It has been 3 months only, I have lost 6 kg and feeling stronger and fitter than ever!

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